Friday, December 30, 2011

Collection: Do You Remember Andrew Brown?

I have no recollection of this kid at all. He came to the Dodgers as a part of the trade that sent Gary Sheffield to the Braves for Brown, Odalis Perez and Brian Jordan. Not a bad haul, really. I remember liking Odalis before he fizzled out, and Brian Jordan was serviceable but hardly the kind of slugger he was with the Braves.

Andrew Brown's numbers suggest, at best, that he could develop into a end of the rotation starting pitcher, but that would not be. After a couple of years in the minors he would be shipped to Cleveland to land the troubled Milton Bradley for us. In a few more years, Brown would get a taste of the big show in 2006 as a reliever for the Indians, then the A's over the next couple of seasons. After that, he kind of disappeared. He was not on a professional roster in 2011 and appears to have left the game.

Anyway, I mentioned that the trade that sent away the gifted Sheffield worked out for the best because it eventually lead to Andre Ethier joining the Dodgers. You see, after 2 seasons of Bradley he was sent to Oakland, with Dodgers prospect Antonio Perez, for Ethier in a trade that seemed more like a player dump than an acquisition for someone good. I did not expect Ethier to become the kind of star he has become. So, at the end of the day we got Ethier, Odalis Perez, and Brian Jordan for Andrew Brown, Gary Sheffield, Franklin Gutierrez and Antonio Perez. Only Gutierrez and Ethier remain in the Majors.

Here are 3 autographed cards of Andrew Brown in my collection. From left to right (above): 2003 Topps Pristine Auto, 2003 Bowman Best Certified Auto, and a 2003 Donruss The Rookies Auto.

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