Thursday, January 12, 2012

MHCC: Some Nice Vintage Stuff

Mile High Card Company is running their first premium auction of 2012 and it is filled with some very nice stuff. Here are a couple of items I thought would be fun to share. Tomorrow, I'll put up a couple of Dodger related collectibles from their auction.

You've all seen "Field of Dreams," right? Well, as you may know Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, the character who Costner helped get an at-bat against a ghostly pro, was a real player. At least, the book/movie character was based on him. Anyway, below are the good doctors real eyeglasses.

I had briefly written about Spaldings World Tour of 1888 that lead a bunch of Victorian Era ballplayers to Egypt in past. See it here. Well, apparently, there were subsequent tours of Africa (and the world) that lead to the below photograph being taken. It features members of the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox at the foot of the Sphinx in 1914.

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