Friday, February 24, 2012

A Call to Arms? The Great 2012 Bidder Boycott?

Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times voices the frustration felt by all in an article today titled, "Every Bidder for the Dodgers Needs to Withdraw Right Now."

What a mess. What a complete mess. It’s orchestrated by Frank McCourt, so the shock factor is nil, but still.

You wonder how any human being can be so completely clueless, but then we’ve been watching this sorry excuse for an owner for way too long now.

His latest fantasy has him selling the team but keeping the parking lots completely surrounding Dodger Stadium. Hey, now there’s a sweet deal. Thursday marked the first day the siege of the Alamo began in 1836. Getting surrounded by the enemy is never a very good idea.

So every single one of the nine remaining bidders on the team need to get out of the Dodgers pool right now. (emphasis mine)

As a fanatic True Blue Dodger fan I second this motion.

I worry, though, that the ego's that comes with billionaire status might negate any chance that they could collude. Nevertheless, I think every true Dodger fan would applause the gesture and I am certain the loyalty of the fanbase to whoever becomes the owner would become tenfold. Again, emphasis below is mine.
So listen up, you nine remaining bidders. I don’t care if you’re Magic Johnson or Stan Kroneke or gazillionaire Steve Cohen. You buy the team and are willing to let McCourt keep the parking lots, you are not wanted. You don’t deserve the Dodgers.


  1. I agree 100% I will boycott if McCrap holds on to the parking lot.

  2. A boycott goes without saying, even without malice. I simply don't think I should pay more than $5 to park when I paid $75 for tickets, have to pay $65 to get everyone a single drink and food item, and $100 for gas to go see a team that refuses to televise in my area and blacks out Internet broadcasts in my area. Dodger baseball and MLB in general obviously doesn't care anymore about fans; it's all about the corporate ticket packages, getting every possible dollar out of every possible fan, and media rights deals. The new owner and commish need to fix broken baseball in LA, not simply put it under a new name.


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