Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quick Resale: c. 1956 Jackie Robinson Christmas Card Back on Sale

At this time last year, I had pointed to a great auction item offered by Legendary Auctions that featured a circa 1956 Christmas card given by Jackie Robinson to teammate Gil Hodges. It had sold for an impressive sum of $4,780.00 back then. Well, it now appears that the exact same item has been put back up for sale through SCP Auctions.

It is not uncommon for memorabilia to be sold and resold within a short period of time, so this listing doesn't surprise me. On the other hand, I would be surprised if it hit a large enough value to cover the cost associated with selling through a major auction house. That nearly $5k price was a very impressive number a year ago.

Anyway, since SCP's auction description is severely lacking compared to Legendary's previous auction description I thought I would elaborate further. The Christmas card includes a personal note from Jackie to Gil that touches upon the business side of Baseball. Jackie clearly expresses a high level of dismay at being traded to the Giants. Here is what it says:
"Dear Gil, It has been a pleasure being a teammate all these years. I hope you have continued success through the years. We expect the day but when it comes it still (is) shock but that's baseball. I hope it never comes to you. Give my best to the family.

Sincerely, Jackie Robinson"
If I had the excess dough I would be a bidder for this. Unfortunately, discretionary income is a little bit lacking. Go to my original post from last year for even better photos of the Christmas card.

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