Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage - Some More Dodgers Inserts

Following up my previous post (here & here) highlighting the recently released 2012 Topps Heritage set, I wanted to finally focus on some of the autographed inserts and relics. First, though I wanted to admit that I had forgotten about one card in the base set that features a Dodger that I had missed. Check it out above. It is a "Friendly Foes" card, #68, with Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong and Andre Ethier having a little chat. I had failed to include this card as part of the Dodgers base cards of the set.

Now on to some of the autographs. Unfortunately, numerous Dodger autograph cards come with redemptions so actual photos of them are not yet available (this includes all Kemp auto's and a Duke Snider coin relic), so I'll just focus on actual cards available in packs.

First, I'll start with our ace, Clayton Kershaw. A checklist I had seen indicates that a Koufax autographed card exist, but I have yet to see one, and the Kemp autographed card is a redemption (meaning that he has yet to actual sign these cards for Topps).

These next two upcoming cards feature a couple of former Dodgers from the 1963 team- Daryl Spencer and Ed Roebuck.

Here is an awfully nice dual signature card of Kershaw and Sandy Koufax- complete with floating heads. Only 25 of these exist.

Matt Kemp has a game-used relic piece available.

Here is a Koufax coin card that celebrates his 2nd ho-hitter in 1963.
 UPDATE:  Here is a look at the Kemp autographed Hertiage card - both front and reverse.

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