Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Topps Tribute- Dodgers Base Cards

As many of you Baseball collectors probably already know, Topps just released their 2012 Topps Baseball Tribute set to rousing applause. Collectors really seem to have fallen in love with the design of the cards and I can't blame them. They are super shiny with a simple design that emphasizes some great photos. Check out the 5 Dodgers within the base set in this post.
As I will show in a future post, collectors love that all autographed cards are on-card (not sticker autos) that look great with Topps simple design. On top of that, when Topps realized their error in including some sticker autographs that were meant to be bonus cards not a part of the original set configuration they quickly announced a solution. Via Beckett:
The Tribute To The Stars autographs were originally supposed to be incrementally placed extra hits in the product. Instead, these cards have been found in place of an autograph or Relic.

On Friday, the company announced that it will send a pack of 2011 Bowman Sterling (two autographs and one Relic per) to anyone who sends a Tribute to the Stars card in to the company to have its serial-number verified and have it returned along with the pack.
Go to the Beckett website for more detailed information.

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