Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 3/10/2012

I don't have a comment. Pic via twitter Jon SooHoo/LA Dodger 2012 @Dodgers)
  • Every Hall of Famer draws Duke Snider.
  • JP Hoornstra notes that Scott Elbert looks like a lock as our lefty out of the pen at the Daily News.
  • The Baseball Professor profiles Matt Kemp's fantasy value. Best line in story is:
    Worst case scenario: He gets back together with Rhianna
  • Chad Moriyama makes a little fun of Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times.
  • A new coffee table book is available from the Dodgers called "Dodgers: From Coast to Coast." Details here.
    “In many ways, I’ve often thought that the franchise is somewhat a reflection of life itself…The joys and heartache…all of that has really helped me feel how important the organization has been to all of baseball, to all of the fans and, very much, to me,” says Dodger Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully in the book’s introduction. “This book does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the Dodgers.”
    It will go on sale on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium or can be ordered here.
  • Part 2 of How to Open a Trading Card Shop, via Upper Deck.
  • Left Field Pavilion has some photos shared by the son of former Dodger Jim Brewer.
  • Baseball Reference just got better. They now list military service in player profiles.
  • Not only is this the longest blog post I've ever seen it was also the most enjoyable. The Royal Half, a fanatic LA Kings blog, writes about participating in the recent Kings Fantasy Camp. He has tons of photos about the weekend long event. I need to learn to skate.

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