Friday, March 02, 2012

Collection: Ron Cey 2001 Archives Autographed Card

This is my 2001 Topps Archives autographed card of "The Penguin," Ron Cey. It borrows the vintage 1972 card design for Cey, but with a little twist. The 1972 Ron Cey card, his rookie card, is a "1972 Rookie Stars" card featuring 3 players on the same card (Ben Oglivie and Bernie Williams are the other two players). For this modern reproduction they zoomed in on just Cey for the front of the card for him to sign. Strangely, they kept the reverse of the card the same as its vintage counterpart. (See the reverse below)

As the story goes, Cey received the nickname "The Penguin" from Tommy Lasorda while in the minors in Spokane. Unfortunately, this is not true. Barry Bolton at sets the record straight.
AFTER MORE than 40 years, the truth comes out. It was Bobo Brayton, not Tom Lasorda, who slapped “The Penguin” nickname on Ron Cey, the former Washington State and Los Angeles Dodgers star. “He (Lasorda) gets the credit for it, but the honor actually goes to Bobo,” Cey told

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