Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Game 5 Tonight! Go Kings Go!!

The Kings couldn't close it out on Sunday, so they'll get another chance tonight at 6PM to win the Western Conference Finals.  The Phoenix Coyotes showed some character and grit in Game 4.  They skated fast, checked hard and were more efficient with the puck.  The Kings, on the other hand, were out of sorts.  They looked uncertain on the ice and slower to react to the tough forechecking displayed by Phoenix.  As I read on one message board, (this is to paraphrase) the Coyotes played like the Kings, and the Kings could not keep up.  Our saving grace is that they had plenty of chances to score, but they couldn't slam home the biscuit. 

I suspect that we will get much of the same tonight.  That is, we will see both the Kings and Coyotes forechecking hard while being overall pest on the ice.  And as always, special teams will likely determine who wins.  Will the Kings score on the power play?  Can Phoenix fight through our penalty kill to score again?  Who knows?  What appears likely is that this may very well be the most exciting game we see yet in these playoffs, and I strain to predict a final tally.  But let's say, for argument sake, that I put something down on paper.   I predict a 1 to 0 score at the end of the evening with the Kings winning it overtime on a goal by defenseman Rob Scuderi half way through the period.  (BTW, Scuderi is one of only three Kings regulars yet to score in these playoffs)

Go Kings Go!!!!!

To get you in the mood enjoy the below fan-made Kings video.

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