Saturday, July 28, 2012


Holy Moly!  Wow!  Hanley Ramirez sure has a flare for the dramatic.  Not only does the trade that got him here define the new direction for the team, but it also shows that a little bit of "Dodger Blue" does a player good.  After a subpar start to the season with Miami, Hanley goes ahead and shows that he has not lost a step.  Hanleywood here we come!

Below is a video of the home run, but I suspect youtube will be taken down soon.  So, watch it before its gone.

Video Link:

(photo credits above: Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2012)

In the I'm not surprised department, after the game several Giants fans got in to it with some of the Dodgers.  According to a post-game report by Steve Lyons, some Gints fans got in to a verbal confrontation with Dee Gordon (hat tip: Reddit).  Considering that Dee lost his mother at a very young age I can only imagine what they said to him.

Steve Lyons wrote this on his twitter account, @SteveLyons12.

If you want a reason to hate the Giants this is the reason why.

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  1. in all fairness...a loud heckle of 'yer a bum' is timeless in baseball, and always will be.

    i know they give it to us, and i've given my share of heckle in return. i heard that guy on the broadcast, but most of the time i couldnt hear his exact words.

    the general rule is, if ur gonna be loud - no cussing, and be funny. but - getting personal and calling out players mothers, sick children, alcoholic wives and so on, is definitely over the line.

    as spegel said - suck it frisco! always and any time.


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