Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 8/9/2012

Apparently, Sandy Koufax was at yesterdays game.  Pic via Jon SooHoo/ Dodgers 2012.  Jon writes,
Thank you Sandy for allowing me to take you from the clubhouse up to the press box for this photo. Thank you Vin for allowing me to interrupt your pre-game ritual to take this photo. All of your fans in blue truly appreciate it. Now I really feel like Barney Stein.
"Absolutely," Tiger Woods said when asked if he’d be interested in owning one of his favorite teams. "I just need a lot more money. My teams are the Lakers, Dodgers, and the Raiders, so I’ve got to play really well."
"I'm not afraid to cry," said Treanor. "I'm not afraid to snap a bat over my neck or whatever it is. That's the way I am. That is the way I'm built. Being Irish-Italian doesn't always help, either."
At the start of the season, there's no one in baseball I would have traded Matt Kemp for. But now, I would exchange him straight up for Mike Trout, the superb fielder, baserunner and hitter who just turned 21. Not that the Angels are offering.
  • Former Dodger Rick Auerbach is True Blue.  As seen on Reddit via StickyStanceMikey we find out what he thought it was like playing with Johnny Bench when he was on the Reds.  
  • The Baseball Continuum takes a look at the other sports that Baseball has spawned.
  • Have you ever wondered what a formal warning from MLB looks like for taking too long on the mound?  Baseball Prospectus has a copy of a letter sent by Joe Garagiola Jr. (a Senior VP) to Rockies Pitcher Mike Eckstrom.
  • If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger... puts up a great photo of a 1955 women's Japanese softball team.
  • Best cake ever!  Via Puck Daddy.  It was made for Kings goalie Jonathan Quick to help him celebrate his day with the Cup.

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