Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy, Matey! We'e Got Oursel'es a Doubleheader

Arr, me hearty!

In the spirit of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here's thar startin' gentlemen o' fortune.  We battle them scallywags of DC.  Thars like the menacing go'ernment privateers o' the east.  We shall plunder and defeat 'em wit the strength of a thousand men!  Then make 'em walk the plank. 

Thars a double-bill, so hold on to ya hats.  Our mateys are in fore a long night.
  1. Mark "Peg Leg" Ellis shall man second base
  2. Andre "Lefty O' Jack" Ethier is in right
  3. Matty "Bison Dubloons" Kemp in that center
  4. Adrian "the Spanish Buccaneer" Gonzalez shall take first
  5. Hanley "Deadlights Ketch" is thar shortstop
  6. Shane "Corsair Islander" Victorino in left
  7. Luis "the Little Buccaneer" man the hot corner
  8. AJ "Cap't" Ellis is catchin'
  9. Aaron "Hangman" Harang shall be throwin' darts
Who'll will them DC Scurvy's send to swab against us?

Who cares!  Victory is ours!

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