Friday, September 21, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 9/21/2012

How awesome is this picture.  The Space Shuttle Endeavor flew over Dodger Stadium this afternoon.  Pic via LikeAgaveF on reddit. This might originally be a @Dodgers pic from instagram- I'm not really sure.
"Probably my biggest problem is I shot so much film. I have filing cabinets' worth of slides, negatives, color negatives, black-and-white negatives from format cameras that I shot. It's just a very large library of stuff.

“A lot of my best stuff is on film -- which is the Joe Montana years, and Jerry Rice, and old Dodgers stuff. ... There's a lot of images that I haven't even gotten to that have been shot on film that someday, maybe, will be digitized at some point."  
Hopefully, we'll get an opportunity to see some of those.
  • Brandon Stroud at With Leather brings to you the Brady Bunch's 20 Greatest Sports Moments. 
  • Ballhawk king Zach Hample was kicked out of the Dodgers/Nationals doubleheader, via Deadspin.
  • This is what I've been waiting for.  The Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings recently announced a special DVD that includes Bob and Jim's call from Game 6 of the Finals.  Below is a preview from that game that includes the 5 minute major penalty from the 1st period and the Kings first goal.  (Hat Tip: LA Kings Insider)
    Video Link:

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