Friday, November 09, 2012

Punto Gets Snipped - AJ Ellis Worries for his Future

Sometimes, folks just share way too much on twitter.

For example, check out what Nick Punto recently wrote.
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Come on now, Nick.  Did we really need to know that?

For those who don't understand the terminology, Punto had a vasectomy.  He got neutered, spayed, what have you.  His fish don't swim anymore.

Well, Dodger catcher AJ Ellis got wind of this and expressed some worry that he might be next.
(twitter link)

Like lambs to a slaughter, the wives line up their men, one after another.  And AJ knows he's about to get an earful from home.  Ellis knows the peer pressure is coming.

Fortunately, it's a painless procedure (well mostly terribly uncomfortable) and your performance on the field shouldn't suffer.  As Punto relays an important note for other men, "I should be able to shred per usual."  So, AJ... Don't worry.  You should be fine if your wife decides it's your time.
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