Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday Dodgers Videos: Matt Kemp and Hyun-Jin Ryu

The Hanwa Eagles made a tribute video to their departing pitching ace Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Check it out below.  Can anyone translate it, please?

Video Link:

Now, sit back and enjoy some Hyun-Jin Ryu game highlights to the sounds and groves of our favorite K-Pop star PSY.  And no, this video isn't played to that viral song, instead it's another tune called "Right Now."  This video was put together by a youtube user named Munro Maldonado.

Video Link:

Check out Matt Kemp on the Whistle as he talks a bit about the positive influence his mother has had on him.

Video Link:

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  1. I asks some people who do subs of tv shows over there if I could get a transcript. Not sure if they will. You might already have someone give you the translation before but I'll let you know.


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