Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here's Some More Details on the New Dodger Stadium Video Screens

As you all know, Dodger Stadium is going through a major facelift.  They are rebuilding the clubhouse areas, seating, the bathrooms, etc.  On top of that, the Dodgers are replacing the outfield video screens.  Today, the developer, ANC Sports, has passed along some additional details
  • They will debut the first 10mm 1080p surface mount light emitting diode (LED) displays in baseball - featuring physical pixels which are closer together than any other large display in MLB and driven by a 1080p high-definition feed, the Dodger Stadium video screens’ will feature some of the clearest images around the League.  
  • ANC will deploy a high-definition video screen in both right and left field of MLB’s 3rd oldest ballpark. Both displays are designed in the historic hexagonal shape of the stadium’s original scoreboard and will feature a total active viewing area of approximately 2488 square feet.
  • The new hexagonal shaped displays measure 77.69 feet wide with varying degrees of height. In the center, the video screens are approximately 38 feet high while the ends of the screens measure approximately 24 feet high.
  • The new scoreboard structures will also feature a 10mm LED strip measuring approximately 6’ high by 69’ wide beneath each video screen. Complementing the scoreboards, ANC is integrating two outfield video wall displays, each measuring approximately 6 feet high by 61 feet wide and an LED ribbon system along the club fascia that runs for 1121 feet. The entire display system will be capable of seamlessly transitioning between statistics, animated content, sponsor engagement and fan interaction.  
  • ANC will provide the Dodgers with a home plate and field level rotational system, including banner printing, installation and signage operation.
Below is an artist rendering of the new screens.  The ANC Sports website can be found here.

Something tells me that it'll be quite a sight when these new boards are up and running.

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