Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball - Dodgers' Insert Cards

Here is a final post featuring Dodgers' cards within Topps recently released 2013 Heritage Baseball set.  This time I focus on the insert cards, autographs and relics.  To check out all of the Heritage cards I've shown so far go here.  

Only Maury Wills and Sandy Koufax have autographed cards in the set, and Koufax's card can only be attained through a redemption program.  Hopefully Sandy can get those out to fans quicker than Matt Kemp.  (Doh!) 
1964 Bazooka:
#64B-SK Sandy Koufax
New Age Performers:
#NAP-CK Clayton Kershaw                    #NAP-MK Matt Kemp
Baseball Flashbacks:
#BF-SK Sandy Koufax
Then and Now:
#TN-KK Sandy Koufax, Clayton Kershaw
Real One Autographs:
#ROA-MW Maury Wills
 Flashback Autographed RelicsThe Sandy Koufax card autographed card is available through a redemption.
#FAR-SK Sandy Koufax
Clubhouse Collection Relics:
#CCR-DG Dee Gordon
1964 Oversixed Boxloader RelicsUnfortunately, I have yet to see a Clayton Kershaw 1964 Giants boxloader relic card.  It is numbered: #64GR-CK Clayton Kershaw.  Below is Matt Kemp's card numbered to just 25 copies.
#64GR-MK Matt Kemp
1964 Mint:
#64M-CK Clayton Kershaw

#64M-MK Matt Kemp

#64M-MW Maury Wills

#64M-SK Sandy Koufax

1964 Stamp Relics:
64US-MW Maury Wills

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