Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is This the Greatest Baseball Commercial Ever?

I usually zone out when a commercial pops up on TV, but I have to admit that this little ditty by Dick's Sporting Goods had me riveted to my seat.  It is quite possibly the best commercial concerning Baseball I have ever seen- bar none!  Watch it below.

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AdWeek shares some background on the spot.  It was shot over a two day period at Blair Field in Long Beach, but they eventually used a single take from the first night.  I think it's beauty is how it focuses on the game and not on personalities.
"You see Rory and Tiger out there hitting golf balls into cups from a hundred miles away. And that's cute and entertaining. But it's not what we're interested in," said Seth Jacobs, creative director at Dick's ad agency, Anomaly. Dick's is about real athletes in real sports moments. "It's the level underneath what you see on TV as a fan. It's the moments athletes know about," says Dick's brand vp Ryan Eckel. For this new spot, Anomaly focused on just such a moment: the dramatic tension after one pitch and before another late in a tied baseball game. Everything about the ad, from the talent to the way it's shot, is meant to feel real and remind the viewer how intense baseball can be. "There's a purity to these sports," said Eckel. "That's what we're trying to shine a light on."
This is one of the few commercial spots that has me watching it over and over again.  On top of that, don't ya love the subtle homage to Jackie Robinson?

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