Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 3/14/2013

Hey look folks.  No more pee troughs in the cheap seat sections of Dodger Stadium.  Yeah!!!  These also appear to be those waterless urinals that exist at the Staples Center.  That alone will save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of gallons of water a year.  My one complaint is that there should be a little ledge in front of the urinals for patrons to place their drink on.  Pic via twitter @Dodgers.
"He's slowly learning English," Federowicz said this week (of Hyun-Jin Ryu). "Soon enough, we're going to put together words that he needs to learn, because there's stuff that we're going to be telling him. Not so much a cheat sheet, but stuff he needs to learn first before he learns everything else."
The musicians wore Dodgers baseball caps to signify the Los Angeles Symphony earns more than San Francisco musicians. The publicity event preceded new negotiations between musicians and management scheduled for the afternoon with a federal mediator.
  • David Schoenield of ESPN points out "20 potential problems wit the Dodgers".
  • Hey, I get the hankering for Yasiel Puig to make the Opening Day roster, but let's face the reality that more seasoning in the high-minors can only help to bolster his chances at being really great.  Please have patience.  Fortunately, cooler heads within the Dodgers will prevail as demonstrated by skipper Don Mattingly.  Via Eric Stephen on twitter.
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  • Take a look at 9 US Maximum Security Prison Baseball Fields, via an Exercise is Easy Tumblr.  From top to bottom: Leavenworth, Folsom, Sing Sing, Rikers, ADX Florence SuperMax Prison, San Quentin, USP Atlanta, Attica, USP Marion.  Hat Tip: briligerent on Reddit.
  • Yeah, science!  Higgs Boson has been confirmed, via John Heilprin at the Huffington Post.
  • Via the Financial Post, AEG is no longer for sale and  CEO Tim Leiweke is leaving the company.  This is unfortunate.  After all, I was just beginning to like the guy.  I count him as one of the principle reasons the Kings won the Stanley Cup last season, and I will never forget his efforts.

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