Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Rarity - 1952 Tip Top Bread Labels Including 5 Brooklyn Dodgers

Collectible bread labels from the 50's are some of the more scarce memorabilia items in the hobby.  Not only was it rare for fans to keep them with their cherished piles of Baseball cards, but they are very thin so you rarely see them in decent shape.  As I wrote a couple of years back:
These labels were affixed to the ends of a loaf broad that would typically be wrapped in some sort of paper or cellophane. So, they would constantly be peeled off and put back on over the lifetime of the loaf. As a result, surviving examples are creased and well worn. Sure, I can see a kid begging mom to give him the prized label right away, but considering the flimsy paper it was printed on, it too would likely be damaged.
Well, imagine my surprise when I came across a near set of 1952 Tip Top Bread Baseball labels at Goldin Auctions.  It features 47 of 48 labels, missing only the Andy Pafko label.  Unfortunately, he was a Dodger that season, so we don't get to see what that label looks like.  Nevertheless, the rest of the set is available for viewing online.  Click any pic to embiggen.  Above you can see the Campanella and Snider labels.  Below are the Ralph Branca, Carl Furillo and Gil Hodges labels.  With 22 days left in bidding it current sits at $5,500 for the entire group.  I actually had a chance to view these labels last month at the Long Beach show, and I have to say that they are beautiful.  See my brief story about that here.
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