Thursday, April 11, 2013

Collection: A 1941 Yearbook from USC that Includes Jackie Robinson

Yesterday, I started a Jackie Robinson yearbook parade of posts that included photos from his 1939 Pasadena Junior College and 1940 UCLA yearbooks.  (BTW, you can take a look at the 1938 Pasadena yearbook from my collection here.)  Today, I take a step in a slightly different direction and feature a yearbook from a school Jackie didn't even go to.  Shown here is a 1941 yearbook from USC.

As you probably know, UCLA (Jackie's school) and USC have always been rivals.  Fans root against each other and come out in droves to watch their team try to demolish the other.  Still, for all the temerity that exist with each side there is always a steadfast respect for the abilities of the opponent, and this respect extended to the athletic greatness of Jackie Robinson.  This 1941 USC yearbook is a great example of this because featured within its pages are several photos of the Trojans playing against Jackie's Bruins.

In the pages featuring USC's victory over UCLA they make mention of Jackie and the Trojans football system's ability to keep him in check.  First, below are some action shots.  Jackie Robinson wore #28 and can be seen trying to evade a tackle in the photo on the top left.

Also on the page is a description of this game where the main focus was on the teams ability to quiet Jackie Robinson.  They new they could win only if they could find a way to stop him- fortunately for them, they did.

Below is another photo of Jackie.  This time he is in the midst of making a tackle on Bobby Jones.

Jackie Robinson is even shown in the basketball section of the yearbook.  In the photo on the top right, Jackie is seen shooting a jump shot.  He wore #18.

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