Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Yearbook from My Collection: Jackie Robinson - a 1940 UCLA Yearbook

Apparently, it is Jackie Robinson yearbook day.  Following up on my 1939 Pasadena Junior College yearbook, I now show you a 1940 UCLA yearbook.  As you can see, it's very different than most, with its unusual cover made up of a faux leather material. 

Jackie was a very prominent member of the UCLA football team.  Check him out in the team portrait below.  He is on the middle row, far left.

Below is a posed shot of Robinson in his UCLA football uniform.

The best thing about this yearbook is that it includes a bunch of action photos of Jackie on gridiron.

Robinson is seen above carrying the football down the field.  Below, he is the recipient of a hidden ball trick that allows him to move down the field through a wide open lane.

This is a distressing photo.  Jackie Robinson is on the ground being choke-tackled from behind.  The captions says, "Stanford men are amazed as a teammate plays a dirty choke on Robinson."

Here is Jackie as a UCLA basketball player.

He wore #18 and is captured in several game action photos below.

Of course, a look at his college years wouldn't be complete without a photo of him sporting a Baseball uniform.  Unfortunately, there are no action photos of Jackie, but we do have a team portrait.

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