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SCP Withdraws Jersey Reggie Wore When He Hit 3 Homers off Dodgers in 1977 World Series

(Lot 843. Jackson Jersey for sale)

I am writing this post to give credit where credit is due.  Besides, anytime I can make light of Reggie Jackson's 3 bombs that he hit against us in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series is a good thing.

As you may know, SCP Auctions HAD a supposed Game 6 1977 World Series game-worn jersey by Reggie Jackson up for auction.  It would no doubt garner a bunch of interest, as well as disdain from the Dodger faithful.  In fact, Steve Garvey (who is also selling all of his personal memorabilia at SCP) spoke about buying it for the sole purpose of burning it (see that interview here).

(1977 All-Star Game - matches jersey)
Anyway, I emphasized the word "HAD" above because it now is no longer available for auction.  It has been withdrawn.  SCP and Reggie recently pulled it since it appears that it isn't the jersey Jackson wore to belt those home runs.  On the snarky side, we shouldn't be surprised that the fellow who faked accidentally being pelted by a ball on a play at 1st in the World Series would try to sell a fake jersey.  Per an email from SCP:
SCP Auctions, in agreement with Reggie Jackson, has decided to withdraw his 1977 Yankees jersey attributed to Game 6 of the 1977 World Series from our current auction. Photographic evidence indicates that this jersey was worn by Reggie in the Yankees clubhouse after Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, however, further detailed analysis of video footage of the game shows some subtle inconsistencies between this jersey and the one he wore on the field during the game. This is based primarily on analysis of the pinstripe alignment relative to the sewn on “NY” crest on the front of the jersey. Since taking this jersey home from Yankee Stadium on the night of October 18, 1977, Reggie has kept this jersey for 35 years believing it to be the one he wore on the field. However, SCP Auctions and Reggie Jackson are in agreement that further research is required to positively validate this jersey as his game worn jersey from that night.
In a time when several well-known sports memorabilia auctioneers are facing jail time for nefarious dealings it's nice to hear that there are some auction houses willing to step up the plate when information becomes available showing it's not the real thing.

Good for you, SCP!

Below are some pics clearly showing that the jersey for sale is not the same one worn on the field by Jackson.
(Game 6 video still)
(Game 6 post-game interview - matches jersey)

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