Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Topps Museum Baseball - Dodgers Inserts and Relics

This will likely be my final post on the Topps 2013 Museum Baseball card set.  Unless, of course, a rare bat nameplate card pops up.  Then, I'm probably going to go a little gaga over it.  Anyway, to check out my previous post on this set go here

Featured here are the various insert and relic cards that can be found in the set.  This grouping does not include examples of every possible card out there - just the ones that have made the light of day. 

Below is the Kershaw Canvas Collection card.

Canvas Collection Cards

#CC-18 Clayton Kershaw

Below is an original drawing of the card.

Canvas Collection Originals

#CCO-CK Clayton Kershaw

JUMBO Lumber Relics

#MMJLR-CK Clayton Kershaw          #MMJLR-DGO Dee Gordon

#MMJLR-HR Hanley Ramirez          #MMJLR-MK Matt Kemp

#MMJLR-SG Steve Garvey         #MMJLR-ZG Zack Greinke

Below is a jumbo relic book card of Kemp and Garvey.  Unfortunately, this is the only card I have run across.  Two other Dodger cards exist.  They are a Kershaw/ Mattingly card and a Kershaw/ Lincecum card.

Dual JUMBO Lumber Relics

#MMDJL-KG Steve Garvey - Matt Kemp

Momentous Material JUMBO Relics

#MMJR-AE Andre Ethier             #MMJR-AGO Adrian Gonzalez

#MMJR-CBI Chad Billingsley           #MMJR-CK Clayton Kershaw

#MMJR-HR Hanley Ramirez

A Jumbo Patch Relic cards of Ethier and Kershaw also exist to go along with the Billingsley card below.

Momentous Material JUMBO Patch Relics

#MMJPR-CBI Chad Billingsley

Momentous Material Dual JUMBO Relic

#MMDJR-KE Matt Kemp - Andre Ethier

#MMDJR-VK Justin Verlander - Clayton Kershaw

Primary Pieces Quad Relics

#PPQR-CB Chad Billingsley            #PPQR-CK Clayton Kershaw

#PPQR-DG Dee Gordon                  #PPQR-HR Hanley Ramirez

#PPQR-MK Matt Kemp

Primary Pieces Quad Legend Relics

#PPQRL-JR Jackie Robinson

Primary Pieces Quad Player Relics

#PPFQR-4 Sandy Koufax - Steve Garvey - Andre Ethier - Matt Kemp

#PPFQR-6 Jackie Robinson - Robinson Cano - Ian Kinsler - Dustin Pedroia

#PPFQR-14 Tim Lincecum - Sandy Koufax - Clayton Kershaw - Matt Cain

#PPFQR-17 Yonder Alonso - Tony Gwynn - Adrian Gonzalez - Andre Ethier

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