Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Topps Museum - The Dodgers' Autographed Cards

I am finally getting around to posting up more Dodger cards from this years 2013 Topps Museum card set.  Below are most of the Dodgers' autographed card that you can find.

Autographed Cards

#AA-AG Adrian Gonzalez                           #AA-DSU Don Sutton

#AA-MW Maury Wills                     #AA-SK Sandy Koufax

These next cards below are really the cream of the crop when it comes to autographed cards in this set.  BTW, there is a Hyun-Jin Ryu card, as well.  Unfortunately, only a redemption is made available in packs.

Museum Collection Autographs

#MCA-AG Adrian Gonzalez                   #MCA-CK Clayton Kershaw

#MCA-SK Sandy Koufax

Unfortunately, not every available Dodger card from the Momentous Material Jumbo Relic auto cards have shown up yet.  See what I've been able to collect, so far.  As for cards not yet seen, there are a couple of Kershaw cards (likely a redemption), another Sutton variation available, and a Hanley Ramirez Jumbo autographed card out there.

Momentous Material JUMBO Relic Autographs

#MMJAR-AE Andre Ethier                 #MMJAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

Don Sutton

#MMJAR-SK1 Sandy Koufax              #MMJAR-SK2 Sandy Koufax

I've only seen the Kershaw and Koufax Quad Relic Book-Card.  A Gonzalez, Sutton and Hanley card exist, as well.

Primary Pieces Quad Relics Book-Card Autograph

#PPAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

#PPAR-SK Sandy Koufax

A Clayton Kershaw exist, but a redemption is made available in packs.

Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs

#SSADR-AE Andre Ethier           #SSADR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

#SSADR-HR Hanley Ramirez

As with the above autographed relic card, there is also a Kershaw triple relic available, but a redemption has been placed within packs.

Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs

#SSATR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

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