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Blog Kiosk: 5/7/2013

Here's a great vintage photo from the Sports Illustrated Vault of a vendor selling Brooklyn Dodgers goods at a game.  (Mark Kauffman/SI)
In October, Dylan Hernandez of the Times did link Gonzalez with Kemp — who had labrum surgery last winter — but nevertheless, people seem to remain surprised that Kemp is having power issues at the start of this season. In 2011, Gonzalez hit one home run in April — the same as Kemp this year.
He leads all rookie pitchers with 1.0 WAR, and is tied with the thus-far sensational position players Evan Gattis and A.J. Pollock. Sunday night, Hyun-Jin Ryu completed six innings against the San Francisco Giants, and though he took a loss, Ryu induced weak contact from a line-drive team. If the national audience was paying attention, they saw perhaps the best rookie in the league.
  • I don't like reading this at all.  One time Dodger, Otis Nixon has been arrested after police found drugs in his car, via Mike Oz at Big League Stew.  I've always liked him as a player and had hoped that he had been able to get past his demons.  The story suggest that the drugs may have belonged to his son.  Nevertheless, drug addiction is an extremely difficult disease, and addicts need and deserves every opportunity to get better.  I hope as time goes on more understanding minds prevail on this issue.  I firmly believe that addicts should be treated for addiction instead of incarcerated (and having the proverbial keys thrown away).
  • As you probably already know, former Dodger slugger Pedro Guerrero signed autographs at Harry's Dugout on Sunday.  Both Roberto at Vin Scully is My Homeboy, David at David's Autograph Signings and True to the Blue were there and shared their experience. Roberto passed along the news that Guerrero will be managing the Vallejo Admirals.
  • Following up on Pedro Guerrero managing the Admirals, a Carolina man who may be the biggest Guerrero fan in the world recently sent him 1,300 versions of his cards to keep and give out to fans, via Matt O'Donnell at the San Jose Mercury News.
  • Hugh Bernreuter at mlive.com writes, "Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda holds 'food' court at Dow Diamond."
Lasorda also participated in a special Food Court Wars tasting event. The Food Network show stopped at Dow Diamond Monday to tape a segment for its Food Court Wars show expected to air in October. The show will award the winning restaurant free space in a mall food court … in this case the Midland Mall.

“I’m 85, so I’ve eaten a lot of meals … a lot of great meals,” Lasorda said. “I guess I’m an expert. But to me, any meal is a great meal.”

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