Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Game 7 - This is What Playoff Hockey is All About

Oh, boy!

Tonight figures on being either something special or one of the worse evenings of my life.

Tonight, the Kings and San Jose Sharks face each other in a Game 7 match-up to decide who gets to play on and who gets to hit the links.  So far, it has been a series that has seen the home team win every game.  So, by that standard the Kings should come away with a victory.  But this is a Game 7, and as anyone knows that kind of logic doesn't hold water.  At times, one team would dominate while the other held on, and I think it's fair to say that either team could have won on opposing ice.  That being said, I think this has been a very evenly matched affair, and I suspect both teams will leave everything they've got on the ice tonight.

I'll be in my usual seat up in the nose-bleed, die-hard section of the arena.  I'll be sitting with some of the greatest group of fans you could imagine.  We'll be rooting and screaming, yelling and cheering, clapping and stomping in hopes of willing the Kings to victory.

Go Kings Go!

BTW, the game will on at 6PM, so be forewarned.

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