Thursday, June 06, 2013

Dodgers Prospect Corey Seager on the Tweet Seat

With the first day of the Baseball players draft starting today, the Dodgers decided to have their 2012 1st Round pick, Corey Seager take a seat on the "Tweet Seat".

Check out what he had to say below.

How's this for some brotherly advice?

Corey is a smart man.  He knows how to get on the good side of management.

So, there's a third Seager out there.  We'll have to check that kid out!

Personally, I'd go with Roger Dorn as my favorite short stop.

Wow!  We weren't even on his radar.

Corey again proves how smart he is, again.  Now he's working on getting on the good side of the fans.

Yeah.  You don't have time for those adolescent pursuits anymore.

Thanks, Seager.  Stay dry and warm.  I think we all look forward to seeing you in "The Show".

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