Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hunt Auctions at the All Star FanFest - Rare Jackie Robinson Memorabilia Related to Debut as a Dodger

This seasons All-Star game in New York will not only feature the best Baseball players in the league, but will also host an auction by Hunt Auctions at its FanFest.  It's a huge offering that includes 826 different lots; including items from the collections of Warren Spahn and former MLB umpire Artie Gore.

In fact, there is one item within the Artie Gore collection that I thought was too great not to share here.  Featured below is an actual game used Baseball from Artie's very first game he ever umpired, April 15, 1947 at Ebbets Field, which happens to coincide with Jackie Robinson's very first Major League Baseball game.  So, this is a game used Baseball from Jackie's first Major League game.  Artie Gore manned third base as umpire and Jackie played first base for the Dodgers.

The memento was given to Gore to commemorate his first game, and was a present to his wife Millie for her many years of dealing with her husbands years of toil as a Minor League umpire.  Artie Gore was 39 when he finally made the Majors.  The ball has been signed by Hall of Fame umpire Al Barlick and fellow umpire "Babe" Pinelli.  The ball has also been inscribed with particulars from the game:
Brooklyn - 5
Boston - 3
Opening game 
Brooklyn + Boston
15, April - 1947
By remarkable coincidence, Artie Gore also was the home plate umpire when Jackie Robinson debuted in the Minor Leagues in 1946 as a member of the Montreal Royals.  Gore would eventually umpire in the Majors for 10 years in 1,464 games.
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Below is another item related to Jackie Robinson's debut as a Dodger.  It is a letter writted by Jackie to a fan in Kentucky named Charles.  It is dated just 17 days after his first game as a Dodger, May 2, 1947. 
Dear Charles, 
I want to thank you and the others for your really nice letter.  I am really glad to have received just such a letter. No I was not surprised to receive a letter from the South because there are many more Southerners who share the same feelings you have and I am sure that it will be fellows like yourselves that will go a long way in furthering the democratic way of life most of us want.  As for my treatment in Louisville last year, it was overshadowed by some very nice letters I received from residence of Louisville.
Thanks again for your letter and I might add there is a lot of encouragement in every line.
Sincerely, Jackie Robinson.
I think it's fair to say that Jackie's exploits had created a fan, and that it in turn helped change the world for the better.
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