Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kings Conference Final Game Tonight - Game 3 - Do or Die

Tonight is Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the Kings and Chicago Blackhawks.  The series is coming to Los Angeles for the first time, and I'm hopeful we can pull out a victory  It has been a series of mostly downs for the Kings, as they find themselves behind, two games to zero.

Heck, I am more nervous about this game then I have ever been over the past two seasons.  The Blackhawks are a great team, and to be frank they were the team that worried me the most coming into this postseason.  Furthermore, it doesn't help that the Kings are experiencing a spate of injuries that figures on hampering the team.  They just lost their second-line centerman to concussion-like symptoms, their current 3rd-line centerman just came back from the same thing, and there are whispers that other key players are currently playing hurt.  Of course, this is hockey and none of these things are unusual.  They just have to find a way to battle through it.

On the positive side, rookie forward Tyler Tofoli has been outstanding.  He came to LA late in the season and has been very impressive.  He is slated to be a future big game, high-scoring star, so to witness him develop this quickly over the past several weeks has been incredible.  For Dodger fans not familiar with him, just think of a smaller, Canadian version of Yasiel Puig.

So, I come into tonight's game excited about the match-up, but nervous - nervous as heck. 

Go Kings Go!

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