Friday, June 28, 2013

My Search is Over - Check Out the 1997 Dodgers Police/LAPD Set

Sometimes all it takes is a little help from a friend.  In this case, a reader who happened to have an extra set laying around.

Late last year, I finished sharing scans of every Dodgers Police/LAPD set made from 1981 to 2002 that I had in my collection.  (I'm fairly certain that 2002 was the last year the Dodgers made these sets, but if you know otherwise please let me know.) 

Unfortunately, there was one exception.  I had yet to get my hands on the 1997 Dodgers Police set.  I had searched periodically over the years, but for whatever reason it had eluded me.  Considering the use of white borders for this particular season, it had become my proverbial "white whale". 

Well, a wonderful reader came to my rescue and passed along a complete set.  THANK YOU, SO MUCH!

My search is over, and I can rest in peace. 

Check out scans of the complete set in this post.  Also, directly below (in homage to Nomo's upcoming bobblehead) is a scan of an example of what the reverse looks like.  See all of the Dodgers Police/LAPD sets here.

Here is the rest of the set.

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