Monday, June 10, 2013

The Puig T-Shirt Craze is Just Beginning

Yesterday, I made note of a post on my Blog Kiosk of a Big League Stew story focused on the fine work of an enterprising Dodger fan seeking to express his love of Puig on a T-shirt.

The Big League Stew story made note of a graphic put up by Dave Pomerantz on twitter.  See it below.  I am unsure if this shirt actually exist, but if it does I might have to get one.  For those who don't understand the reference check out this story by Dayn Perry at CBS Sports.

Well, after spending some time on Reddit over the weekend I dicovered that Man Bear Puig has a little bit of a following already.  It appears it was first initially proposed by a redditor named mongo1834, using the below graphic.

Awesome, right?  After all, Man Bear Puig is the greatest threat to Major League pitching the world has ever seen.  At least, that's what I like to think.

Then, I discovered that there are several other T-shirt designs worthy of a look.  See what I discovered below.

The above T-shirt was made by redditor PRguy1789 and can be purchased here.  It's simple and clean, and I don't think you'd have to worry about the South Park boys screaming copyright in your face.

The next one is just as simple.  It says what we are all thinking and hoping for.  Can his exploits this year translate into a MVP-type season his first year in the league?  The below shirt was made by redditor lookitskelvin.

This next T-shirt is a play on that old Nike/Bo Jackson marketing campaign.  It was made by Dodgers Beat and can be purchased here.

This next one might be considered a bit controversial since I'm not sure if many Cubans would appreciate the connection.  Regardless, it creatively melds Baseball and a pop cultural reference.  It was created by redditor ese51, and can be purchased here.

BTW, the design at the very top was made by the Dodgers and those T-shirts are available for sale at Dodgers Stadium.  That shirt has sold like gangbusters.  UPDATE:  I apologize for being wrong about this.  The shirt at the very top was given away to fans during a game.  The shirt mentioned in the tweet below is another design.

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