Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yeah, Baby! 3 In a Row!

It's a little hard to believe that last night was the first time the Dodgers recorded a winning streak of three games.  But as Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts noted, it is true.  UPDATE: strike that, this 3 game winning streak is actually the first 3 game game winning streak is 8 consecutive tries.  As a commenter on facebook noted, they won a 3 game set against Pittsburgh during the first roadtrip of the season.

Hopefully they can keep it up and continue winning.

Was it the offensive exploits of our newest stud outfielder that propelled us?  Not exactly. 

Sure, Puig's bat has been a godsend, and his exuberance has certainly enlivened the team.  But, other than last nights 3 for 4 evening, he had no real part in the dodgers scoring runs during the first two Dodger wins.

The real reasons for the Dodgers recent mini-streak has been the pitching and defence.  They have given up only a run in the last three games, and our relief corps appear to finally be waking up.  Thankfully, Kenley Jansen has taken to the closer role very nicely.  Furthermore, the Dodgers have not committed an error, save Puig's little mishap last night that could have been scored an error

With last nights victory, the Dodgers pushed the Giants into 4th place in the Western Division, and they have an opportunity to push them even further down today. 

For now, though it's great to savor our first winning streak of the year.. 

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