Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Preview of 2013 Topps Mini's Including Puig and Koufax Auto's

Topps just released some preview pics from their upcoming 2013 Topps Mini set, and they included a few Dodgers to gawk at.  Check out the Yasiel Puig and Sandy Koufax autographed cards above, and the Jackie Robinson Chasing History insert card below.

As the name of the set suggest, it is a mini version of Topps Baseball flagship set.  There are 661 cards in the base set, a Chasing History insert set, autographed cards and a relic set.  At first glance, it appears the base set has the exact same checklist as the normal flagship set.  It will officially be available on July 31st - which coincides with the start of the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago. 

Boxes can only be purchased directly from Topps online and it will run you $52.99 a box.  Go here to place an order.  You can't buy now, but you can order a box at the end of the month (July 31st).  I believe Topps will have boxes available at The National. 

BTW, the Yasiel Puig autographed card will be inserted within packs.  So, it will be the very first certified autographed cards of his put into packs.  On a side note, last year Topps included a surprise card in their Mini Set (#662) that featured Bryce Harper.  I'd make a $100 bet that Topps does the same thing this year, and that surprise card is of Yasiel Puig.

Go to a post by Chris Olds at Beckett to see more pics and a complete checklist.

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