Friday, July 19, 2013

All Hail Puig Destroyer! - They Release 5 New Songs

So, this day has finally come.  The sky has opened up and the grindcore Gods have graced us with their fruits. 

Today, the recently incarnated band "Puig Destroyer" has released the remaining 5 songs to their eagerly awaited EP, and my head is throbbing in excitement.

Sure, the sounds can take a little bit of time to get used to, and it certainly isn't for everyone.  But you can't deny how symbolically appropriate it is.  As drummer Riley Breckenridge said in a recent LA Weekly interview:
"He's a freakish prospect that terrorizes opposing pitchers," Breckenridge says. "He's insanely raw and incredibly talented. He's got all of the tools but he doesn't know how to use all of the tools yet. He plays with a level of energy that is kind of reckless. It fits the style of music that we wanted to play."
Yes, it does Riley!  Puig Destroyer embodies Puig the player.  Take a listen below to all 6 songs via twitter @PuigDestroyer.  BTW, you can check out my interview with drummer Riley Breckenridge right here.

Here is the Puig Destroyer website for download at bandcamp.  Also a very limited run of vinyl 7" records will be pressed.  Go here to order.

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