Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 7/22/2013 - Dodgers Links -

Check out this great photo of the very first plane owned by a MLB club.  It is a Convair 440 bought by the Dodgers in 1957.  Photo via Michael Beschloss on twitter.
 "It's a little sore, a little swollen but I don't think it's that bad."
Kemp admitted the injury was a result of not running hard. He assumed the play was going to be at first base (and Carl Crawford would beat it out for a hit) and had to speed up and lunge for the plate at the last second.
"It's my fault," Kemp said. "I wasn't running hard. That's an easy hit for CC. ... CC has every right to be mad at me. He would have had another hit if I was running hard.
"The result of my not running hard is he doesn't get that fourth hit and I rolled my ankle. That's all my fault. ... I shouldn't have been in that situation."
Kemp did not have X-rays taken of his ankle and doesn't anticipate needing any.
"The biggest thing will be how it feels waking up tomorrow."
"When I call around teams, there's not a lot of names of position players being discussed," Colletti said. "I'm not sure if there's a market out there on the sell side."

  • Joe Student at Busted Coverage has a copy of the room assignment list for the Cleveland Indians and it includes some hilarious pseudonyms. 
  • The Giants season really is going to the birds.  Via Fox Sports, seagulls have started to invade AT&T Park.

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