Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A eBay Win! Check Out a New Addition - A Don Drysdale's Club 53 Ceramic Cup

I can't tell you long I've wanted one of these.

Shown here is a Don Drysdale's Club 53 restaurant and bar ceramic cup.  I grabbed it from a large lot of Dodgers memorabilia items a couple of weeks ago.  By far, this was the cream of the find, and the main reason why I bothered to bid on it.

It stands about 5" tall and the Baseball portion is slightly larger than a real Baseball.  On the bottom is a makers mark from DAGA Hawaii.  I have no idea when this was produced, but I do know the restaurant stood for 25 years.  It closed in 2011.

Just to help out other collectors, it really shouldn't cost very much to purchase one of these.  I've seen similar items sell for under $15 - and even less than that.  Based on that, my purchase was a veritable steal.  For about $20 bucks I got this cup and numerous other goodies, delivered.  Over the next few days I will share those other items with you.  There is more there than you can imagine. 

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