Friday, August 16, 2013

Are Skunks the Dodgers Good Luck Charm?

Check this out.

Do you remember reading back in early June about how a skunk had invaded Dodger Stadium.  Well, if that had escaped your memory, don't worry.  Read this June 4th story at Big League Stew to remind yourself.

Now, according to Chris Erskine at the LA Times there have been 7 sightings since a skunk was first found at Dodger Stadium on June 3rd, and the occurrences appear to be accelerating.
In the last week, Dodgers staff says it has run across at least three of the critters, all on the reserve level near the top of the stadium. On Monday, a skunk scurried under the souvenir kiosk at Section 20, just after 6 p.m., an hour before game time.
As we all know, the Dodgers have been on an historic run.  They've gone from being as much as 12 games under .500 to 20 games over .500, and have recently put together a string of 8 straight wins.

Some have said that the change of Dodger fortunes was a result of players getting healthy.  Others point out that the bullpen is finally pulling their weight.  I think the predominant theory is that the arrival of Yasiel Puig acted as a spark plug.

Now think about this.

Yasiel Puig made his debut in Dodger Blue on June 3rd - the very same day a skunk was first reported found at Dodger Stadium.


I think not. 

I think that by some cosmic twist of fate, the skunks at Dodger Stadium are our good luck charm.

So, the next time you're watching a home game, be sure to look out for those little black and white critters.  They may be there to make sure the Dodgers don't stink up the place.  After all, that's their job.

Hat Tip: Adrian Glick Kudler at Curbed LA

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