Sunday, August 04, 2013

Puig's Bowman Platinum Superfractor Graded at National - Is Now on eBay

Yasiel Puig has had an astounding couple of months in Dodger Blue.  He has been the talk of the league for just about everything he does on and off the field.  If you're anything like me, you've watched his every step, analyzed every swing and marvel at every defensive play.

As you would expect, this has caused his cards to jump in value.  They are selling for ungodly amounts of money and have become a major driver of hobby sales.  I guess you can say that he's the king of the hobby right now.

Last week, I featured one of his "Big Hits" - a 2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Superfractor.  It was on sale on eBay, but failed to sell as the owner sought to have it graded now instead of selling it for a quick buck.  At that time, the seller was seeking $30,000, but it's likely interested buyers were far from that value.  Now that it'll be graded, we'll soon find out what score it gets to see if that's remotely justified.

In the meantime, On Friday Senior Beckett Grading Vintage Card Grader Andy Broome shared a pic on twitter of another Puig Superfractor.  This card showed up at the Beckett booth during the National Sports Collectors Convention, and it had them all buzzing.  The 2013 Bowman Platinum (a newly released Topps card set) Superfractor base card of Yasiel Puig was pulled and they would have the unique pleasure of grading and encapsulating it.  See the card below.
(auction link)

Holy Cow!

This card has been graded a BGS 10 - which is as pristine as you can get.  When you consider that this is a "1 of 1" and graded a 10, it is likely to sell for thousands of dollars.  Whether it reaches the $30,000 benchmark desired by the owner of the Chrome Mini Superfractor is another story.  After all, this isn't really his first Bowman Superfractor card, and the other Superfractor is from a limited insert Chrome mini set which may prove to be more desirable.  So, collectors might balk at paying huge bucks for this new Superfractor.

Fortunately, we are probably going to find out very soon how high it can go.  The above BGS 10 2013 Bowman Platinum Superfractor has just been listed on eBay and (as of this writing) is already at $2,375.  See the auction here.

To add to the story, Chris Olds at Beckett was able to grab the owner of the Bowman Platinum card for an exclusive interview.  See that interview here.  He pulled the card on the first day of it's release (this past Wednesday) from a box he purchased at a card shop in Illinois.

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