Monday, August 05, 2013

Twitter Trolls - There Were Reports That Puig Reinjured Himself Today

This social media thing can be great.  You can get up-to-the-second news on events you find important.

On the flip side, it is often too easy to spread something false.  In internet parlance this is called "trolling".  This is sowing the seeds of discord by being inflammatory.  Others might say that it's simply online schadenfreude - i.e. gaining enjoyment from the misfortune of others.

Well, for those closely seeking Dodger news on twitter this afternoon, we got had.  For some it cause great consternation, for others fear.

So, what was spread? A handful of tweeters in St. Louis gave second-by-second updates on what Puig was doing.  During the Dodgers pregame practice, Puig was shagging balls in the outfield.  Then a single tweet rolled in.

Then another came in.

Soon, a full-on freak out was occurring.  Dodger fans were cursing at the stars.  I'm sure others were ready to blow up with screams about the immaturity of Puig to reinjure his wrist during practice.  The calm among us waited for confirmation.  I can safely say that the latter wasn't me.

Fortunately, confirmation never came.  Instead, we find out that he was launching long balls during his batting practice session.

Woo!  Now I can wipe that sweat from by brow, and curse at the trolls who almost gave me a heart attack.

Anger and frustration has now been diverted.

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