Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chili Buss Isn't Nick's Nickname - It's his Real Name!

Josh Suchon, the current Albuquerque Isotopes play-by-play announcer (and former Dodger Talk host) shares something about recently called-up outfielder Nick Buss that we all should know. 

His real name is Chili Buss.  It's not his nickname, it's his real actual name.  Per Josh Suchon on his blog Out of Ink:
The name on the birth certificate is Nicholas Chili Buss. His dad always wanted unique middle names for his kids. The first three kids had normal middle names. Nick was the last chance for something different. His dad once played in a charity golf tournament with former major leaguer Chili Davis and always liked the name Chili.
So, there you have it.  It's almost like Nick's (ahem, Chili's) Dad always knew he'd be in the Major Leagues.  After all, you don't pick the name Chili unless it's tied in some way to the ballplayer and you've got dreams of big league diamonds on your mind.

Be sure to read Josh's full story.

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