Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Topps Finest - the Dodger Insert Cards

Following up on yesterday's post show the Dodger base cards to the 2013 Topps Finest set, here are the Dodger insert cards.

There are 3 different Dodger autographed jumbo rookie relic cards to chase.  Unfortunately, the Ryu and Puig cards are redemption's.  All that is available to look at now is the Paco Rodriquez card.  See it below.

Autograph Jumbo Rookie Relics

#AJR-PR Paco Rodriguez

I love the insert cards below.  They borrow the 1993 Finest design and put current players in.  See them below.

1993 Finest Insert Cards

#93F-AG Adrian Gonzalez                #93F-CK Clayton Kershaw

#93F-HJR Hyun-Jin Ryu                   #93F-HR Hanley Ramirez

#93F-MK Matt Kemp                        #93F-YP Yasiel Puig

#93F-ZG Zack Greinke

Finest Masters Refractors

#M-CK Clayton Kershaw

Prodigies Die Cut Refractor

#P-YP Yasiel Puig

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