Friday, November 01, 2013

2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball - Dodgers' Autographed Cards

Here are pics of all of the Dodgers' autographed cards that I've been able to track down, so far.  Go here to see my previous post regarding Dodgers' cards within Topps 2013 Triple Threads Baseball set.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of Dodgers who have redemption cards inserted into packs instead of the actual cards; such as Clayton Kershaw (#TTAR-CKE1) and Hyun-Jin Ryu (on numerous combo autographed cards).  One surprising redemption is for Dodger great Johnny Podres (#TTAR-JPO1, #TTAR-JPO2, #TTAR-JPO3, #TTAR-JPO4).  He had died in 2008, so Topps can't possibly be waiting for autographs since it's likely they have hundreds (if not thousands) of his stored away on stickers.  It just might be that they just ran out of time, and couldn't get them made in time for this release.

As always, triple threads consist of cards that have relic pieces fashioned to express a saying or phrase that represents the player - usually a nickname.  I will add, though, that the Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig cards have me a bit confused.  What exactly does "Andre 3000" and "Still Andre" mean.  Also, since when has Puig been called "The Bull"?

Triple Threads Autograph Relics

#TTAR-AET1 Andre Ethier

#TTAR-AET2 Andre Ethier

#TTAR-AGO1 Adrian Gonzalez

#TTAR-DSN1 Duke Snider

#TTAR-DSN2 Duke Snider

#TTAR-DSN3 Duke Snider

#TTAR-SK1 Sandy Koufax

#TTAR-YP1 Yasiel Puig

Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics

#TTJPAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

There is also a Duke Snider and Pee Wee Reese Dual Cut Above Autograph card (#TTDCA-6), but it has yet to make an appearance.

Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Autographs

#TTDCA-1 Jackie Robinson - Ted Williams

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  1. Andre 3000 is a rapper (Outkast) and Still Dre is a reference to a Dr. Dre song.

  2. The phrases on Andre Ethier's cards appear to be pop-culture shoutouts rather than anything related to Ethier himself. Andre 3000 is a rapper and Still Dre is a song from 1999 by the rapper Dr. Dre. What do they have to do with Andre Ethier? Probably nothing, but we do know that someone at Topps likes listening to rap.

  3. Wow... Thanks guys. I never would have figured that out.


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