Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baseball in Australia - Video of Some Baseball Feats from Down Under

As you surely know, AJ Ellis is on a grand Australian tour to promote the upcoming Opening Series games in March.  Yesterday, I posted up some pics of the promotional event.  Go here to check that out.  You can also watch a video of AJ hanging out with Australian cricket legend Allan Border at Sydney's Manly Beach.  Go here to view that.

As Border mentions in the video, he's been a fan of the American game for a long time.  He even says that he played it as a youth - before he started playing cricket, so the sports has a long history on the continent. 

Considering that, it shouldn't be surprising that their players have gained a fair amount of skill.  Maybe even an expertise that has eluded ballplayers in the states.

To see what I mean, check out a couple of videos put together by some ballplayers who play for the Melbourne Aces, below. 

Now, I'm not going to say that these are 100% real (without some computer hijinks thrown in), but I do want to believe this is possible.  And, why not? 

If other sports can have their trick shots, why not Baseball?

Here, blindfolded Melbourne Aces catcher Brad Harman takes on 2 hockey players.

Video Link:

Melbourne Aces player Scott Wearne gets a 7-10 split with baseballs at AMF Watergardens.

Video Link:

Pic at the very top via @Dodgers on twitter.

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