Monday, November 04, 2013

Some Great Vintage Dodgers' Photos on eBay - Ruth, Jackie and the Shot Heard 'Round the World

It's been awhile since I've looked around eBay for some interesting Dodgers' collectibles.  I just haven't taken the time to do any window shopping, if you will, so when I got a notice from HYee Auctions that they had a large group of vintage photographs and negatives for sale I immediately decided to take a gander.  And, I am so glad I did. 

They had a ton of Dodger's stuff that closed this past weekend; with more closing in the next day or so.  Below are some of my favorites.  BTW, I didn't win anythings... which kinda annoys me... prices got way too high on some of the better stuff... Oh, well.

Here is a original 1938 photographic negative of Babe Ruth as a Brooklyn Dodgers as captured by George Burke. Babe Ruth is with two men identified by Burke as John McDonald and Ed Zectner. This negative sold for $79.00.
(auction link)

If you've seen the Jackie Robinson movie that came out earlier this year, called "42", then you know a bit about the below photo.  Here is an original Type 1 press photo of the infamous photo of Jackie Robinson and Phillies coach Ben Chapman playing nice.  Per the auction description:
Chapman vehemently oppose integration of whites and blacks in baseball with several controversial statements. In an early Dodgers-Phillies series in Brooklyn, Chapman’s southern prejudices reared its ugly head. The level of verbal abuse directed by Chapman and his players at Robinson reached such proportions that it made headlines in the New York and the national press. Chapman instructed his pitchers, whenever they had a 3-0 count against Robinson, to bean him rather than walk him harmlessly! As it turned out, Chapman's attempts to intimidate Robinson backfired with the Dodgers rallying behind Robinson, and there was increased sympathy for him in many circles. The backlash against Chapman was so severe that he was forced to pose in a photo with Robinson as a conciliatory gesture when the two teams next met in Philadelphia in May. This incident prompted Dixie Walker - a teammate of Robinson's - to comment, "I never thought I'd see old Ben eat sh*t like that.”
This photo sold for an incredible $849.00.  Wow!
(auction link)
(auction link)

The below photo is sad, but is also poignant.  After Bobby Thompson whacked his shot heard 'round the world, pitcher Ralph Branca can be seen walking back to the Dodgers clubhouse sulking in the moment.  This photo sold for $260.00.
(auction link)

Following up on the photo above.  Here is a 1951 press photo featuring a sign that says, "No razor blades sold to Brooklyn fans until Sunday night.  Giant fans help yourself".  From the description attached to the photo:
Larry Pearlman, manager of a news stand at LaGuardia Airfield, refuses to sell razor blades to fellow Dodger fan Donald Smith after he found out Smith's Baseball loyalties.
This photo is still on auction and closes tonight.
(auction link)

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