Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stadium Series Hockey Game is Tonight and I Just Can't Wait

I've been awaiting this day since it was first announced back in May of last year.

Tonight is the Stadium Series hockey game at Dodger Stadium, and I can't wait to see my Kings take it to the Ducks.

I'll be leaving shortly with my tickets in hand and my jersey draped over my shoulder.  I will be prepared to scream and cheer, but most of all, I am ready to take in the day.  This is a momentous moment for hockey fans in the Southland, and the aura and majesty of the event is sure to take everyone's breath away. 

The other night they tested out the ice for the first time, and reports indicate that it was just fine.  Check out my previous story related to that media/celebrity pick-up game, here.  The teams also practiced at Dodger Stadium for the first time yesterday.  Check out Jon Rosen's story about that at the LA Kings Insider, hereGann Matsuda at Frozen Royalty has even more.

As for the game, I'm hoping for a battle with hard checking, tight scrums along the boards and plenty of fisticuffs on the ice.  You see, the Kings are at a crossroads in their season, and they know they need to come out fighting in order to win.  They got beat on Thursday at the Ponda, 2 to 1, and I don't think the Kings liked it one bit.  Heck, I know the Kings fans in attendance didn't like it.  So, I would expect the Kings to try to assert themselves right away. 

In fact, don't be surprised if a couple of fights break out.  Watch for Kyle Clifford or Jordan Nolan of the Kings to square off against Ducks roughians Pat Maroon or Tim Jackman on the ice.  This pairing is a growing rivalry, and you certainly get the impression that they don't like each other.  I know opposing fans hate each other - like with some icy cold passion.

What do I predict?

I won't go there, but I will say that it will be an exciting close game.

To wet your whistle before the drop of the opening puck, check out this video featuring Vin Scully ushering in this special day.  Oh... And I'll put up photos as soon as I can. 

Video Link:

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