Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Spring Photos from Camelback Ranch

Clearly, the best Spring Training photos are the ones shared by fans.

Blue Heaven reader Cathy was kind enough to share some of her photos from Camelback Ranch.  As you may recall, her son Christian has been all over the Dodgers Kingdom the past couple of years.

I had first written about his Baseball exploits in a post in 2012 - that you can read here, and have followed up on his Dodger adventure at numerous points since that time.  He threw out the first pitch from the mound one evening, and gained some fame on Reddit when his photo from that first pitch was featured during a PhotoshopBattle.  So, I am happy to report that Christian will be back at Camelback Ranch later this week to throw out the first pitch during the first home game of Spring.  Be sure to say hello if you'll be out there. 

Now, check out some photos below.  (BTW, if you have any photos you'd like to share please pass them along.  I would be happy to put them up.)  Click any pic to embiggen.  On the left is Dee Gordon, and on the right is Joc Pederson.

Now, I am super envious.  Take a look at some of the mementos Christian took home.

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