Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 3/20/2014 - Dodgers Links - Dodgers BEat Team Australia

The Dodgers line up for the start of this mornings exhibition game against Team Australia, pic via Dodgers on tumblr.  The team beat the Aussie's 4 to 2 on the back of Yasiel Puig, via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA.  Check out two gif's below to see Puig's home run and his throw to the plate.  Both gif's are via the Dodgers on tumblr.  Unfortunately, Eric tells us that Adrian Gonzalez left the game early due to lower back tighness.

Hot Clicks: Are there any players you’re mentoring now?
Adrian Gonzalez: I try and talk to all the young kids. Last year the organization put my locker next to Yasiel [Puig] for that reason and we have a good relationship. There’s a kid here in camp I really enjoy watching and talk to him about different things. His name is Joc Pederson and he’s a left handed hitter so it makes it easier for me to talk to him. But I always try and be there for the younger players and help them when I can.
  • Via Chris Ocotillo on twitter, the Dodgers have been fielding numerous calls for recently designated reliever Javy Guerra.  The team has until March 25 to work out a deal, or he gets claimed for no compensation.  I liked Guerra, and I believe he'll be effective in the bullpen for another team.  No doubt, we haven't heard the last of him.
  • Via Ken Gurnick at, "Blue grit: For Mattingly, toughness breeds success".
"You look at baseball and you don't think of the game in terms of toughness," said Mattingly, who got a three-year extension in January. "People think of football, hockey -- in this country, rugby. Baseball is more about mental toughness, getting ready to play day in and day out, with travel and getting into town late and all kinds of things. It's not easy to do."
In Thursday morning's Sydney Morning Herald, there is a rooting guide to the Opening Series. It said that, if the Dodgers lived in Australia, they "would spend most of their time sipping lattes at Bondi. The payroll at the Dodgers is US$245 million compared to $110 million for their rivals Arizona. If you like the idea of hanging with celebrities in Hollywood and strolling down Rodeo Drive, the Dodgers are your team." 

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