Tuesday, April 01, 2014

2014 Topps Museum Baseball - The Dodgers Canvas Collection Cards

Once again, Topps released a group of Canvas Collection cards that feature drawings of your favorite players.  This year, two Dodgers are a part of the 50 card insert set.  See them below.  Also, Topps inserted over 200 different "1 of 1" original Canvas Collection art drawing cards into packs.  A complete checklist is not available, but I have been able to confirm the existence of at least 3 different cards.  They are at the very bottom. I am sure there are a few more out there to chase.  BTW, the Tommy Lasorda Original Canvas Collection card recently sold on eBay at just $29.00 - a deal in my mind.

Canvas Collection Reprints

#CCR-15 Tommy Lasorda                 #CCR-35 Jackie Robinson

Canvas Collection Originals

UPDATE: Here is another Originals drawing that has been discovered.  Check out a Yasiel Puig drawing below.  It is at this eBay auction, link.

UPDATE II:  Check out this newest Canvas Collection Original art card that has recently been unearthed.  It is of Clayton Kershaw.

UPDATE III:  Here is another Canvas Collection Original art card found on eBay.  This time it's another Yasiel Puig card.

UPDATE IV:  Here's another art card.  This one is of Jackie Robinson.

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  1. I pulled a RYU gold framed auto redemption /15 this weekend. Will put it on the Bay soon. Looks like he's going to have a beast year.


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