Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Larry Sherry 1961 Union Oil Dodger Family Booklet

Here is another post featuring the 1961 Union Oil Dodger Family Booklet set.  Go here to see my past post showcasing this set; including complete scans of both the Vin Scully/Jerry Doggett and Sandy Koufax booklets.  This time I share the Larry Sherry Booklet.

Larry Sherry was the pitching end of a Dodger battery that were both brothers (Norm Sherry) and the very first Jewish tandem in Baseball history.  He primarily came out of the pen for the Blue Crew; having recorded 39 saves and a 3.47 ERA in his 6 years in the bullpen.  He earned 2 victories during the 1959 World Series against the White Sox; including the deciding Game 6.

The below booklet shares a couple of great anecdote's that I have included below.
Confidence in a pitcher is a fine thing indeed, and how do you like this sample of Larry Sherry's?  He was called in the ninth inning of a game, bases loaded, Dodgers leading by a run.  The count on the hitter went two-and-two.  Larry beckoned catcher Joe Pignatano to the mound.  "He's crowding the plate," Sherry said.  "I'm going to brush him back before I strike him out."  Pignatano, thinking by the book, was horrified.  "Are you crazy?  Brush him back, you'll make it three-and-two.  A bad pitch after that walks in the tying run."  "Trouble with you, boy, is," said Larry, "you worry too much."  He then brushed the hitter back and struck him out.
Dick Donovan, the White Sox pitcher, once told a gathering met to honor Sherry that a visiting ball team couldn't win in the Coliseum without "eight men and an ape - the ape to climb that ridiculous left field screen."  On cue, someone led an ape into the dining room.  "If you'd had the ape playing, said Sherry, patting its head fondly, "you might have done better in the Series."
Below are complete scans of every page from Larry Sherry's 1961 Union Oil Dodger Family Booklet.  Click any pic to embiggen. 

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